Finalist Dutch Promo Awards: ‘Machete’ – Best Comedy/satire/humor

Finalist Dutch Promo Awards: ‘The A-team’ – Best Comedy/satire/humor

PromaxBDA EU Silver ‘Inglorious Basterds Teaser – What is this?’ – Something for Nothing

Finalist Dutch Promo Awards: ‘The 10 Commandments of Tarantino’ – Best Film promo

Finalist Dutch Promo Awards: ‘The Men Who stare at Goats’ – Best Copy/Voice-over

Finalist Dutch Promo Awards: ‘May Highlights Sport1’ – Best News & Sport

PromaxBDA UK Gold ‘Inglorious Basterds Teaser – What is this?’ – Something for Nothing

PromaxBDA EU Silver ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ – Something for Nothing

PromaxBDA UK Bronze ‘Say Aaah’ – Best Children’s promo

Gold Dutch Promo Award ‘Say Aaah’ – Best Children’s promo

4x Finalist PromaxBDA UK


PromaxBDA UK Silver ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ – Best Film Promo

Gold Dutch Promo Award ‘Film1 Rambo’ – Best Copy/Voice Over

Finalist Promax BDA UK ‘Film1 May Highlights’ – Best Film Promo

Finalist Dutch Promo Awards ‘Film1 Highlights March 2008’ – Best Graphics/Animation


Gold Dutch Promo Award ‘Film1 Highlights June 2007’ – Best Graphics/Animation

PromaxBDA EU Silver ‘Love is in the Air’ – Best Television Image promo

Gold CTAM Award ‘Sport1 / Football EPL Arsenal vs Tottenham Campaign’ – Acquisition and Retention campaign

Bronze CTAM Award ‘Film 1 Oscar Night’ – Acquisition and Retention campaign


Bronze Button ‘Horror for Dummies’ – Film Promo’s


Mandala Media Award for animated short ‘Grounded’, HKU final group project, European Institute for the Media